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During the hot months of summer, it is so nice when you have a fan in the house to help keep you cool. Some people have a fan in every room whilst others may have in only a room or two. There are so many different kinds of fans to choose from that some persons have a hard time making up their minds which type to purchase. There are ceiling fans, standing fans, desk fans, and even wall fans, just to name a few. Then there is the whole issue of knowing exactly where … Continue Reading “Ceiling Fans, Lighting Fixtures and Home Products at... Read More »

High Voltage Wires In Communities Is Hazardous To Health


I am quite sure many of you have heard about power grids that pass over and through communities having serious effects on people who live in those communities. Many studies have shown that over time the radiation emitted from these lines have caused brain damage and even cancer. Let us look at it from a different angle. Did you know that if you go too close these high tension lines that they start pulling you towards them? The magnetic pull of high voltage lines becomes stronger the closer you get to it, just like the closer a metallic object gets … Continue Reading “High Voltage Wires In Communities Is Hazardous To... Read More »