High Voltage Wires In Communities Is Hazardous To Health


I am quite sure many of you have heard about power grids that pass over and through communities having serious effects on people who live in those communities. Many studies have shown that over time the radiation emitted from these lines have caused brain damage and even cancer. Let us look at it from a different angle. Did you know that if you go too close these high tension lines that they start pulling you towards them? The magnetic pull of high voltage lines becomes stronger the closer you get to it, just like the closer a metallic object gets to a magnet is the stronger the pulling effect becomes. That is why wherever there are such high voltage lines located you see a sign that warns you to stay clear of the area.

Now, if a sign can show the importance of steering clear of these high voltage lines, would it not follow that they should not be run through communities, seeing how dangerous they are? The regular 13.5 kV lines that generally carry electricity for households (which is later broken down by transformers to 220 V and 110 V) are not the problem. The problem lies in the power grids that carry many thousand more volts than the regular lines. Power companies will want to argue that there is no health risk involved and that it would cost them a lot more money to re-route these lines or send them along a different path in the first place. The cost factor may be true, but the whole health issue is serious and real, and at times is open to debate. You can read more about some health risks associated with living near high voltage power lines at http://hps.org/hpspublications/articles/powerlines.html.

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