Video Profits Mastery

If you have a website, I am sure that you would like to get Page 1 rankings in Google in as little as 5 hours. I am also sure that you would like to tap into an unlimited traffic source, build auto income streams in 20 minutes, and forget about your financial problems. Well, you can achieve all of that with Video Profits Mastery. The system is very simple, it is easy, and it is fast! You can read all about it on the website. So go there now and see how all of this can become possible for you.

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Demo Video Television

The following is NOT a paid post:

Do you know how to do something that maybe no one else knows, or that can show them how to do something they already know even better? Do you have a video or videos on how to do different things, like install a piece of software or hardware, bake a cake, clean a stopped up drain, and so on? If you do, then you can share them with the world by posting them on Demo Video TV. It is free to join the site, then you can start uploading your “how to” videos. Just to ensure that only demonstration or “how to” videos are posted, all uploaded videos are checked by the admin team. Once approved, they go live. Share the video URL with family and friends, letting them know that you either created the video or uploaded it. Expose your talent to the world by uploading original videos that show you demonstrating or showing “how to” things.

Advertisers too can take advantage of the expected rise in trafiic to Demo Video TV by placing their ads on it. You have the option of three ad types:

+ Banner Ads – shown at different sections throughout the website
+ Media (Video) Ads – video ads that are played either before or after the “how to” videos
+ Text Ads – these are displayed in the lower third section of the video player

Imagine getting your ads exposed to millions of persons in no time. That means lots more money in your pocket and higher profits over time.

Start uploading your “how to” videos right now at Demo Video TV. Teach others what you already know, thereby showcasing your talent. Remember it’s free to sign. So sign up today. (Don’t be surprised if there are only a few videos there now. In time, there will be lots more, and even more so once you start uploading your videos!)

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Amazing Consumer Electronics

If you are looking for amazing consumer electronics, then you need to visit Electrodar Advanced Electronics. They have new items added to their stock everyday. Right now you can go and find great prices on Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Surveillance Equipment, Computer Accessories, MP3/MP4 Player Watches, Electronic Gadgets, MP3 Players, MP4 Players, Digital Camcorders, Car DVD Players, Car Video, Car Audio, Car Stereo, Car Accessories, Security Equipment, Home Audio, Home Video, Digital Picture Frames, Health, Lifestyle, Electronic Jewelry and Watches. They have everything covered.

Electrodar Advanced Electronics offers worldwide shipping via FedEx, DHL, UPS, and regular air mail. Orders are delivered within 3 to 10 days, normally 3 to 5 as long as there are no unforeseen delays. So go and get all the consumer electronic items you need at Electrodar Advanced Electronics. With great prices, an unbeatable selection of electronics, worldwide shipping, and new items being added daily, they are your best bet for great electronic items.

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The $1,604.98 Video

If you are wondering how to increase your monthly online income in 2008, starting immediately from this month, then the information below is for you.

So you may want to read it very carefully…

Currently more and more internet marketers are finding it much more profitable to pay end-users like you and me directly to see their ads instead of paying “middle-men” like Google Adwords.

That’s exactly how you can easily start building new streams of revenue online — simply by reading ads in your email by joining multiple free-to-join “Paid-To-Read-Email” (PTR) Programs.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase anything, you get paid for just looking at the ads. (The marketers do get good results and that’s they keep spending their ad-money at the popular PTR

For example, my good friend Tushar Sheth made $1,604.98 without spending a dime from just 3 such programs (you can join over 20).

And now he has finally revealed his strategies how he does it through his popular (MLP) System”.

Here’s what I recommend that you do immediately if you really want to take some definitive action to shake things up and cause some major positive changes in your monthly online revenues:

Step 1: Watch The Video
Watch Tushar’s “$1,604.98 Video” where he logs into his own personal accounts and shows you how much extra money can be made from PTR programs without spending a dime:

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(His private video has become extremely popular and his server is getting hammered with numerous requests to watch it at the same time, so if you can’t see the video immediately then try again later.)

Step 2: Join MLP
After watching the video, immediately signup and become an MLP Member from his website. You will then be able to discover the names of those programs that are making payments to hundreds of
his members regularly every month.

You can also use those programs to promote your own website and/or affiliate products to thousands of other PTR users (it is still quite an unknown marketing strategy, but the news are spreading fast — so you better hurry!)

Oh, and you will also discover his secret PTR strategies and get his power tools that he shares with MLP Members only — that will help you increase your monthly PTR earnings at a rapid pace.

You can always choose to use your earnings to cash-out or to promote your own or affiliate websites to other PTR users for even higher profits.

Step 3: Become Tushar’s Exclusive Partner
As his exclusive partner, Tushar will pay you $25.00 per member that you refer to MLP.

And he will also share some exclusive power-tracking tools and step-by-step bootcamp training to help you get at least 5 referrals in just 10 days even if you are a “newbie” in affiliate marketing.

(I bet you haven’t ever seen the power tools that he will give you anywhere on the net before!)

Expect to make more from his private state-of-the-art partnership program than you have ever made from any other normal affiliate program!

Entry into his partnership program is by invitation only, but you can get in if you become an MLP Member today. Instructions on how to create your MLP Affiliate Partner account will be sent to you immediately on becoming an MLP Member.

P.S. I strongly recommend watching the entire “$1,604.98 Video” immediately and completing the other 2 steps outlined above if you really want to increase your monthly online revenues in 2008
starting immediately from this month:

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Tractor Trailer Rampage (Crazy Man Video)

The preceding is NOT a paid post:

You would think that someone driving an 18-wheeler would take care to drive safely. It turns out that not everyone shares that view. Watch the video below to see how determined this mad trucker really is:

Tractor Trailer RampageThe best bloopers are here

It’s a good thing no lives were lost nor were there any injuries. I guess if you are in a job that is stressing you out, leave! What happened to this trucker says it all.

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Warm Toasted Love Songs (Funny Video)

Mr. Frazier is at it again. How would you like him to sing your favourite love songs? Well, you have to hear how he sings before you make up your mind. This humorous video will be sure to make your day.

I guess this means you should always listen to songs before you buy them (and watch the videos too). Rot Tooth Productions videos rock! I will bring more as time goes by.

The preceding was NOT a paid post.

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Corvette Crashes Into Semi At 165MPH

Check out this cool video which shows how a corvette, in an attempt to outrun the police and traveling at 165 m.p.h., crashes into the back of a semi. The guy loses control of the corvette after he successfully passes a couple of other semi’s. The amazing thing about it is that he is still alive after all that. I am pretty sure that he won’t be feeling on top of the world for a long time.

Corvette Crashes Into Semi At 165MPH – Watch more free videos

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Jamaican Video Dating – Humourous Video

Just deviating a bit from the hustle and bustle of posting to take a break and get a good laugh. There is a video on Jamaican dating that is quite hilarious and I just wanted to share it with you. This guy is surely going to have a hard time getting a date.

I hope you got a good laugh and that your day has just been made. I will be looking out for more videos like these that I will share from time to time. Laughter is good for the heart and the more healthy people we have around, the better it is for everyone.

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