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Are you an ambitious individual? Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? How about owning your own online store? It has become a lot easier over the past decade to start selling online. To facilitate persons with an interest in becoming online entrepreneurs, Store Porch Multi-Shop Mall offers a variety of subscription packages that allow you to sell the amount of products that you want at prices that you choose. For as little as $5 per month, you can sell whatever you like to people anywhere in the world. Each shop has its own URL address so that you can market your shop the way you want. Store Porch opened its doors a few weeks ago and is now looking for tenants who want to have the eBay experience without the many fees associated with Auctions and Buy Now sales.

Unlike sites like eBay, you pay only the monthly cost to sell your goods. There are no hidden fees. You will never need to pay a fee on your final sale. You will not need to pay a fee to make your listings featured. You will never have to pay a fee to highlight your products or other items for sale. Drop by Store Porch Multi-Shop Mall and read the FAQs for yourself. Then go ahead and sign up as a seller to start enjoying the benefits of having your own online store. You must have a PayPal account to make and receive payments on the site. You can sell just a few items or even thousands of items if you wish. It’s all up to you. Store Porch Multi-Shop Mall will list your store under the “Store List” so that your customers can easily find you. Join the trend of budding online sellers by signing up today!

Want to see more about Store Porch? Watch the video below.

Science Says That Dredging Is Fish-Friendly

If you’ve ever wondered how dredging affects fish and other aquatic wildlife, you can now put your mind at ease. Scientists at the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) have found that suction dredge mining does no harm to fish. Not only that, but it may help to improve their habitat.

The two scientists reporting, Claudia Wise and Joseph Green, have done in-depth research in this area and have come to the conclusion that no evidence exists that dredging harms fish. Wildlife activists have made claims over the years that dredging deteriorates aquatic habitats. They’ve found that it actually helps the habitat of wild salmon and other fish by improving streams and rivers.

In a recent interview, Wise stated, “Any negative effects of suction dredging on fish or fish habitat are insignificant. The benefits definitely outweigh any of the negative effects in any of the studies I’ve ever seen.”

Nearly every study conducted on the impact of suction dredging on fish and their habitats have shown that dredging’s negative impact is less than significant.

Dredging helps to improve fish environments by creating pockets in streams and riverbeds. These pockets provide a place for fish to spawn where naturally available gravel is limited. Without dredging, the bottoms of streams and rivers remain compacted, and the fish have limited places to spawn.

Suction dredging creates small pockets, also called manmade refugia, where fish can then spawn. One study found that after year of dredging a river full of salmon, the river was full of more fish since it became an attractive place for the fish to spawn.

Just one nest of salmon eggs can produce thousands of salmon. Just a small improvement in the attractiveness of riverbeds as spawning areas can dramatically improve a river’s fish population. Wise and Green both agree that much of the media coverage about dredging being bad for fish has been one-sided.

With this in mind, you can rent dredging equipment Montgomery County TX with peace of mind that you wont harm nearby fish habitats. These facts are backed by scientific evidence, and they show that controlled dredging done outside of spawning season can improve the fish population of a river within a few years.

Five Short Health Articles – Free Kindle Book

There are many medical conditions and ailments that people suffer from as a result of their lifestyles that could have been prevented. In a vast number of cases, the conditions can be controlled and in a few cases total recovery is possible. Five Short Health Articles: Thrombosis in Women, Water and Heart Attacks, Jaundice, The Causes and Treatments of Anemia, and a Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Opportunity discusses the symptoms of those conditions and how they can be treated. In some cases, early detection can lead to the affected individuals being saved from costly medical bills later on in life, allowing them to live normal lives.

If you would like to know more about the conditions previously mentioned and their treatments, get the book now. It will be free for 5 days.

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Free Kindle E-Book: HTML by William Fischer

WordPress is the easiest platform I have ever used to create a website/blog. It is free and there is a lot of support for it in forums online. If you have never used WordPress before and would like to use it to build your own website or blog, you need to read HTML: QuickStart Guide – Creating an Effective Website by William Fischer. The book shows you how to easily make your website so that you do not have to pay someone else to do it. The book will be free for 5 days, so get it now.

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Free Kindle E-Book: Krav Maga by George Silva

“In Krav Maga: Dominating Solutions to Real World Violence, you’ll learn the hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli military. It was designed to be learned quickly and used effectively by people of all ages, genders, body types, and fitness levels. There are no rules, forms, or combinations of moves to learn – just simple self-defense techniques that use the body’s natural reactions. In this insightful guide, you’ll learn the philosophy and principles of Krav Maga. For example, Krav Maga techniques are easily adaptable to many situations. Instead of focusing on flashy techniques and perfect execution, this martial art gets results with aggressive, practical fighting techniques.”

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Free Kindle E-Book: Gardening and Hydroponics

In these hard times, being able to grow your own food can make it a lot easier to harvest the crops that we want. Hydroponics is the perfect way to grow crops easily at home. You can have a small or large far, depending on what you land is able to manage. You can plant a wide variety of fruits and vegetables like watermelons and leeks. Get this FREE Kindle E-Book during its promotion period, which ends soon. See the details below:

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Play Soccer, American Football, and Rugby in the Right Gear

Many of us enjoy playing soccer, American football, and rugby. The games are intense yet fun and are a great way of keeping fit. I am sure that we all want to look the part when we go out on the field to play those games. It is very easy to get the gear you need for those games in one convenient location, i.e. Football Soccer Store. The store has jerseys, t-shirts, accessories, balls, and lots more items. Check them out for specials, when available. The site is very easy to navigate. The categories are the first words that you see when you enter the website. Click on the one that has the type of gear that you need.

You can also search for what you want using the search box at the top of the site or by scrolling down and using the product search box which you can use to narrow down your searches. Once you find what you want, you can even compare prices if more than one merchant has the same item. When you are done, click the Buy Now button and you are on your way to owning the item that you want. Football Soccer Store makes it easy and convenient to shop for soccer, American football, and rugby gear.

Baden Color Your Own Soccer Ball

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Baden Color Your Own Soccer Ball, White, Size 4

With Baden’s Color Your Own Soccer Ball, you can now color and personalize your own ball! The ball works as a canvas to display a more creative, fun side, while still being durable to play in the yard with. A cushioned synthetic construction allows for a soft, durable feel while keeping the graphics on the ball. Don’t worry about finding the perfect markers, they come in the box! Makes a perfect gift for children of all ages.
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A Home Based Business Success Story: Meet Jill Barber

jill barberMeet Jill Barber. Jill owns River City Referrals, a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN®) business based in Virginia. Jill works from home screening and referring local home improvement contractors in her area.

1. What did you do before you launched your Homeowner Referral Network (HRN)?

I worked at FedEx Express.

2. Why did you want to launch a business from home?

I didn’t know that’s what I wanted to do, but I was pregnant and got a very attractive severance package from FedEx, so I left.

3. What attracted you to the HRN business?

I have a degree in Interior Design and wanted desperately to get back into housing in some way, shape or form. I looked at real estate, then realized I’d be working nights and weekends so that wasn’t much better than my job at FedEx where I traveled a lot.

4. How did you know that an HRN would work in your area?

I didn’t. After reading the material Debra Cohen provided, talking with her, and knowing that the Richmond area didn’t have a service like this, I thought it was a risk worth taking.

5. How did you know that an HRN would be right for you personally? (Did you have an “AHA!” moment?)

I was already doing a VERY scaled down version of a referral service for contractors in my neighborhood and enjoyed it.

6. What was your first job?

A Drywall repair that paid a $26 commission….and I was thrilled to get it!

7. What types of services do you refer through your network?

Anything to do with inside or outside the home. Some of the fringe services I’ve referred include masonite siding claims, energy experts, home watching company for vacation, meeting plumbers, etc.

8. What is the biggest job you’ve referred?


9. When did you turn a profit?

After the 1st year.

10. What has been the most difficult part of operating your HRN?

Dealing with the attrition in contractors and running the business with a child at home. What I thought would be part time until he was in school turned full time very quickly due to the success of the venture.

11. And the most enjoyable?

The empowerment you get from knowing you can do it. I would never had had the guts to “develop” the industry, untried like Debra did, but I will take a calculated risk.

12. What type of response have you received from homeowners?

“Your service was DYNAMITE, Jill! Your follow-up is unbelievable, your level of attention is one that I aspire to in a customer service business, and I’ll definitely use you again. ”

13. And what has the response been from contractors?

I’ve had a very positive response from contractors in my area.

14. How has your business changed since you first started until now?

Much more to running a business than I thought. I’ve had to delegate the administrative and operational parts of the business, so that I can continue bringing the business in.

15. What goals do you have for your business in the future?

Double, then triple my income- totally attainable! The sky is the limit.

Interested in launching an HRN in your area? Visit

Lost Your Source Code? Decode Your Encoded Files.

Just the other day, I came across a forum where people posted how they hired someone to create a website for them, only to realize later on that the PHP files for their website were encoded by the programmer who can no longer be found. They now needed someone who could decode their files so that they could see the raw code in order to make what they deemed to be necessary changes to the code. They are not the only ones who face that dilemma. There are other people who have files that have unwelcome links to other sites that they do not want to be linked to from their website. In some cases, they bought website scripts without the knowledge of those links being present and it was only after their sites went live that they realized they were there. One thing I can say to all those people who are in despair over those situations is that there is hope – they CAN get their files decoded by KGB Decoders. This means that they do not have to remain stuck with useless encoded files since they can be decoded.

The encoded files that you can get decoded include IonCube, Zend, PHP LockIt, CodeLock, ByteRun, and many others. If you are unsure what your scripts are encoded with, you can check the “Encoded Views” page on the site to make a comparison. The service is quick (unless the decoding process takes a lot longer than expected) and you will have your file or files back in no time. So, instead of sitting and sulking that your files are encoded and all hope is lost, visit KGB Decoders right now to get them decoded.