WordPress plugin turns any site into an iPhone Application

I’ve just discovered an incredible new WordPress plugin that is available … for a limited time… This plugin will turn any WordPress site into a ‘web app’ that installs directly onto any iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device! The apps are complete with custom icons, start screens, touch to call, and a host of other... Read More »

WPMU Dev – The WordPress Experts!

Now you can get great deals from the most popular premium plugin site on the web! Want more deals? Click... Read More »

WordPress Templates: Free At Last!

The following is a paid post: It is a fact that WordPress is the most widely used and the most popular blog engine. Many persons prefer it over the other blog engines because it is simple to use and setup, it is very flexible, and it offers a great choice of plugins from which you... Read More »

Blog Hosting Platforms

The following is NOT a paid post: If you want to start blogging, there are a number of places that you can visit. The two most popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Now, based on what you know about them and the experience you have had using any of them, you would know which... Read More »

How To Get WordPress 2.8 Post Tags To Save

I have been having no ends of problems with the new WordPress 2.8 as it relates to saving Post Tags. I can type them in, but they won’t save when I click the Save Draft or Publish buttons. Below is a graphic of the area I am talking about. What I came to realize is... Read More »