Clinical Laboratory Services

The field of medicine is so diverse that there are many different sub-fields into which it is broken down. There is a sub-field for just about any ailment one can think of. Some of these sub-fields include paediatrics, oncology, gynecology, geriatrics, cardiology, radiology, and clinical laboratory service. As it pertains to clinical laboratory services, there... Read More »

Relocation To New Server Complete

We have successfully completed the relocation of Review Central to a new server. Thanks for bearing with us over the past two... Read More »

Relocation To New Hosting Server – Review Central

This post is to advise all my readers and advertisers that Review Central will be relocating to a new hosting server between today, Wednesday, May 7, 2008 and Saturday May 10, 2008. The reason for the relocation is prevent a recurrence of the downtimes we have had over the past two months due to our... Read More »

Six Hour Outage

I would like to apologize to my readers about the six hour downtime this morning. It all started when my server’s bandwidth was exceeded due to an unprecedented increase in web traffic. I am working on a solution that will prevent this from happening again. If it does before the solution is implemented (I hope... Read More »

The Dawn Of A New Era

The purpose of the Review Central blog is to provide as unbiased a review as possible of just about anything and everything. There are many categories that will be covered, including Health, Technology, Business, and more. This is the dawn of a new era is here. Reviews will help persons make informed decisions about products... Read More »

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