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Warm Toasted Love Songs (Funny Video)

Mr. Frazier is at it again. How would you like him to sing your favourite love songs? Well, you have to hear how he sings before you make up your mind. This humorous video will be sure to make your day.

I guess this means you should always listen to songs before you buy them (and watch the videos too). Rot Tooth Productions videos rock! I will bring more as time goes by.

The preceding was NOT a paid post.

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Hands Free Cellular Phone

There is technology, and then there is ‘teknology’. Every day something new comes out that basically makes life easier for everyone. It seems that a rubber band, despite being around for many years now, van still be considered new ‘teknology’. A friend of mine recently sent me a picture of him using his ‘hands-free cellular phone.’ Before I saw the picture at the bottom of the email, I thought he was talking about a new high-tech gadget. Turns out it was more than I really expected.


A little laughter a day keeps the aging away. Have a good one!

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First Viral Film Festival April 28, 2008 NYC

Short films have become a main stay on the internet as time goes by. Many people prefer them to the conventional long films that at times seemingly tend to drag on without end. They have caught on so much now that they are being sent by one internet user to another to another and so on, so much so that they are compared to viruses that spread like wild fire. Just as how a virus spreads from one person to another until many people have caught it, these videos are spreading all over the internet to the point where they are now referred to as Viral Videos or Viral Films. Advertisers too have taken hold of the popularity of this new phenomenon making their ads into Viral Films or appearing in Viral Movies. In celebration of this grand rise of viral films, Vanksen | Culture Buzz and BEFILM the Underground Film Festival are happy to introduce the first Viral Film Festival to be held in New York on April 28, 2008.

The two groups are presenting the Viral Film Festival in association with Dailymotion.com and the VBMA.net. The show will feature the best of the latest crop of Viral videos. All are invited to come and participate in this premier event, which will be held at The Dolby, 1350 Avenue of The Americas (corner of 55th St. & 6 Ave). Due to limited space, you need to register now at www.viralfilmfestival.com. If you are an advertiser, you will be able to see how other advertisers have veered from the traditional forms of advertising and sought alternative marketing strategies to boost their profits. In essence, viral videos originated out of an effort to invent new ways to attract the attention of over stimulated consumers. The festival promises to be more than you expect, so reserve your place today.

The promoters of the Viral Film Festival are calling for creative video submissions that will be showcased during the festival. Those who are interested can submit their films, specs and viral videos at www.viralfilmfestival.com. By launching this innovative event for the new viral video format, Vanksen | Culture-Buzz is once again taking Buzz marketing to a new level. Be a part of this grand event by sending in your submissions now and registering online. This is an event you surely will not want to miss!

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Polar Bears and Sharks Comic Jokes

Relax for a minute, take a deep breath, and read these two jokes. The first one shows two sharks who are waiting for global warming to melt the ice caps and raise the ocean level so that they will be able to … well read and see. The other shows two bears who have to live with man after the North Pole has melted.

Courtesy of Funny and Jokes

Courtesy of Funny and Jokes

The preceding was NOT a paid post.

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Face Changing Optical Illusion

Movie by Michael Bach.

Many of us like a good optical illusion. Check this one out. Click the play button and as it spins you will the face change right before your eyes. Pause it when the crown is turned down and you will see what I mean. Cool optical illusion.

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Optical Illusion Children’s Science Kit *Great Gift Idea*

Callaway Golf Irons

Callaway Golf Irons

Golf lovers the world over have their favourite sets of irons that they play with. One of the best sets of irons around today are Callaway irons. Each type of iron delivers different levels of power to the golf ball, making it go far for long drives or just a short distance for putts and birdies. No matter the length of the drive you want, you are bound to find the right golf iron at TheWorldOfGolf.com. The Callaway collection boasts some of the most prestigious irons that are the envy of other manufactiurers. Their style alone shows the great craftsmanship that went into producing them.

There are a number of irons that you can choose from for the perfect game. They include the Fusion Wide Sole Mens Iron, Big Bertha Irons, FT i-brid Irons, X-20 Tour Irons, and X-Forged Irons. All these irons are made strong and help to improve any players performance and playability. Get your set of technologically advanced Callaway golf irons today from TheWorldOfGolf.com. You will definitely see a marked improvement in your game once you start playing with your new irons.

Equestrian Horse Saddles

Equestrian Horse Saddles

There are many sports that one can participate in for pleasure or to keep fit. Some sports are more rigorous than others and it is up to each individual to select which is just right for them. A very popular animal that is used in some sporting events is the horse. Horse racing is a big sport that generates billions of dollars on an annual basis. Then there is the fox hunt which involves fox hunters riding horses and hunting foxes with the aid of bloodhounds. One can think too of polo, another favourite pastime of many people.

Another sporting event that many people also like is the equestrian. It is one of the most graceful sports around today. For those persons who participate in this sport, they can get all the riding apparel that they need at reasonable prices from Main Answer. They have apparel for men, women, young riders, and even the horse itself. You can get saddles, riding breeches, horse blankets, riding helmets, and riding boots. To make things easier for those who want to purchase any equestrian-related riding apparel, they are available online right now. There is a special shipping promotion presently on where you pay one rate for any order that requires standard shipping in the lower 48 states. Quick and easy shopping makes Main Answer your one stop shop for everything equestrian.

Backgammon Masters Adds Bulgarian to its 21 Blackjack and Poker Software

Backgammon Masters has recently added the Bulgarian language to its 21 Blackjack and Poker Software. This means that persons who speak and read Bulgarian now have a chance to play these games online and benefit from the rewards to be had. There are thousands of persons who love to play blackjack online, not least of which are individuals who speak languages other English. That is why Backgammon Masters is always looking for ways in which to accommodate as many languages as possible so that more and more people can have access to their games. In fact, with the addition of Bulgarian, they now support 14 languages, making them the most sought-after and unique multi-language platform based online gaming site on the internet. Players who log in to the All-in-One Game Lobby can easily switch between languages by clicking on the flag of the desired country.

Lovers of the rel=”nofollow”backgammon board game will be pleased to know that they can conduct transactions in 4 currencies, namely US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, and Euros. If while playing you need any sort of help, there is a LIVE Customer Support service that is manned by operators who can be accessed by simply clicking a button. No matter what time of day or night you choose to join any of the games in the All-in-One Game Lobby, there will always be able a seat available at any of their numerous game tables for you to join and play. Bulgarian players now have the added opportunity to do the same as their language is now supported. So if your language is supported and you love to play backgammon, Poker, 21 Blackjack, and Perudo, visit the Backgammon Masters All-in-One Game Lobby and play your favourite game. Based on demand, Dutch and Russian are the next languages in line to be added. No wonder Backgammon Masters is the favourite spot for online gamers.

Free Piano Lesson Newsletter on Piano Chords and Chord Progressions

There are many ways in which people pass time. Some of us like reading, others go fishing, yet still others surf the internet or talk on the phone with a friend. Recreational activities help to relax the body and settle the mind after a long day at work or school. Another choice that people make is that of playing music. Whether they are amateurs or part of a professional band or orchestra, individuals love to play musical instruments like the guitar, violin, harp, cello, tuba, flute, drums, and the piano. For those who are piano enthusiasts, you can get Piano lessons & piano chords progression lessons free in an email newsletter. This certainly helps to make you a better piano player.

The free piano lessons email newsletter on Piano lessons & piano chords progression is sent out free every 5 days by PlayPiano.com and has 101 issues. As is suggested, there is no cost attached to the email newsletter. In addition to the newsletter, PlayPiano.com sells full-blown piano courses on DVD for adults which are mentioned in the newsletters. There is, however, no obligation on the part of the reader to purchase any of them. The website also boasts many piano lessons for adults on chords and courses that you can download if they want.

If you want to learn about Piano lessons & piano chords, you must visit PlayPiano.com today. Subscribe to their free newsletter or choose from the many piano courses the site has to offer. Read the many satisfied customer reviews that they have gotten and you will see why PlayPiano.com is the best place to go for your free piano lessons.

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