IPSWITCH WSFTP Professional FTP Client


FTP clients are numerous and offer the same basic features. I have used a number of them including Atomic FTP and Microsoft FrontPage. However, the best I have found so far is IPSWITCH WS_FTP Professional (or any other edition in the WS_FTP family for that matter). It is easy to use and very simple. From start to finish, setting up and using it poses no problems. This is because after you have installed it and then launched the application for the first time, it asks you for the information it needs to connect to your server.Here is how easy it is to use: You download the latest version. Then install it to your computer. You then have the option of launching it immediately after installation. Once launched, it asks you the type of protocol you want to use (obviously FTP, but SSH is also possible), your server address, user name and password, and a name for your site. You also have the option of saving your password for automatic logon the next time you use the software. Easy, isn’t it?! IPSWITCh WS_FTP Professional rocks!